In Recovery...

We had the MRI today. Greco has to be sedated each time, which means he has to go to the recovery room to wake up. We did this for every Radiation treatment as well as all MRI's. We have gotten to know all the recovery room nurses very well. They love to see our little family march into the recovery room behind Greco's gurney as if we are on patrol for his safety!!! Greco did great today. His nurse Kristie had to access his port. This means sliding a needle into the port placed right above his heart. Every time we do this it is a struggle. Today was not. He sat quietly watching her do it. I even get a bit squeamish, but today Greco was "the man"!!! Usually I have to do a double arm bar on him and trap his legs between my legs just to hold him still. Today he handled like the champ he is!!! Results.. The preliminary results are that the tumor is stable, possibly smaller!!!!! Praise God for this wonderful news!! Greco's scans still have to go before the Tumor Board next Tuesday, where lots of doctors will discuss and make recommendations. After that we see the oncologist to hear what our next steps are. So for now, we are very pleased the tumor has NOT grown. We won't know anymore until we see our oncologist in a few weeks. We are thankful God has spared Greco's life this far. He is such a blessing to us and we are so thankful God saw fit to entrust us with his care. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Greco and our family.

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