A letter to my Prayer Warriors

Hi Friends,

I know most of you are incredibly busy this time of year with school drawing to a close and all of the testing that is going on. I wanted to catch up with you before you all take off for the summer and get busy enjoying your vacations. I know some of you follow my blog onwww.livegreco.com, but I wanted to reach out to you all, my prayer warriors with an update on little Greco. Next week marks 10 months since Greco was diagnosed with DIPG, an inoperable brain tumor on his brain stem. Recently I have looked back at my desperate emails to some of you asking and begging for prayers in the first days of this nightmare. I want to thank all of you for continuing to pray for us and for checking in. Our last MRI in March showed the tumor was a bit smaller from the previous MRI. Even though things seem to be going in the right direction, the Dr. still maintains that his diagnosis means he will not be with us past August. I am in total disagreement with this. Greco finished his 29 treatments of radiation back in the fall. He has shown absolutely no signs of the tumor worsening, growing or even ill affects from the radiation. We were given a laundry list of all of the things we should expect to happen to our sweet child before he went to heaven. Hearing loss, blindness, paralysis, choking, trouble breathing, and eventual suffocation. None, and I mean NONE of this has happened!!! We have been on our knees since this happened to us. We are taking the dr.'s advice to live, live, live. We aren't grieving for Greco, Greco lives!!! He is happy. He is healthy!! Greco has been potty trained, is riding his little bicycle, speaking in complete sentences, singing songs, being creative and imaginative just like any normal 3 year old boy. He even participates at wrestling practice with his siblings. We believe with all of our hearts that God has healed our boy. His eye is still turned in, which is what alerted us to this problem. But the eye is the only thing that is different about him. Next week we go back on June 2nd for our next MRI. We have them every 3 months. The dr thinks that this next MRI will show us that the tumor will be growing back, much faster and with much more devastation. I disagree again. I believe Greco is healed. I am praising God for removing this tumor from his brain and using this situation as a testimony to God's goodness and that miracles are happening! I am asking all of you, my dear prayer warriors to join me in Praise to God for this miracle that we will witness on June 2nd. This tumor is gone, I am praying and praising God for the clean bill of health that Greco will get that day!!!

As I look back at those first desperate and confusing days, I am at peace with this journey. Our lives are much closer to the Lord. We have had to rely on him for the strength to get up each day and face this demon with the armor of God's word. Please continue to pray for us. June 2nd is an important day for our family. I will update on the Good News we receive!! I love you all and I pray for all of you as well, to be safe and healthy and to draw close to God. He is Good!!


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