TEAM GRECO: 5th Place Finish at 15th Annual National Duals

Team Greco is proud to announce that this weekend they took 2 teams to Virginia Beach, Virginia to participate in the National High School Coaches Association 15th Annual National Duals. Team Greco Red and Team Greco Blue were created to represent little Greco Roman Bouzakis and his battle against pediatric brain cancer. Many coaches and parents throughout the state of Florida came together to make this monumental event extremely memorable. This venue had approximately 4300 wrestlers competing, 250 teams on 40+ wrestling mats! The elementary division had approximately 59 teams which included 900 wrestlers. Our team convincingly finished at 5th place!! The team that took 5th place won 9 dual meets and lost only one! All of our competitors representing Team Greco each had at least 15 matches, dual matches plus exhibitions. I am proud to announce the roster which surprised many people about the level of competitiveness our state of Florida has to offer.

Caleb King Gavin Nolan Braden Basile Marc-Anthony McGowan Frank Solorzano RJ Noble Jake Wholtman Tony Widrig Mason Marchbanks Truman Noble Andrea Alvarez-King Mason Arnold Vince Bouzakis Kai Owens Dylan Nolan Nic Bouzakis Bailey Flanagan Cooper Flynn Jonathan Conrad Lucas Willis Alan Morano Garret Tyre Dominic Isola Nicholas Benton Ethan Basile Ashton Habeil Kaleb Sobek This would not have been possible without the contributions and tireless efforts of our coaches and parents. A special thank you to our coaches for standing in the gym on a wrestling mat for a total of 24 hours on a holiday weekend only blocks from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Not once getting to sink their toes in the sand, but spending the entire weekend knee deep in wrestling! Coach Mike Joyce Coach Sal Basile Coach Kevin McGowan Coach Sean Flanagan Coach Asher King Coach Paul Noble Coach Mike Nolan We would also like to commend our fabulous table workers for agreeing to work the table instead of sunning at the beach! Lauren Nolan Mary Owen Christine Basile We are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with such dedicated wrestlers, parents and coaches with the goal to get the youth of Florida to the next level in our competitiveness with other states. We were able to beat some very elite teams. We surprised a lot of people!! Florida Wrestling is being noticed! Lastly we cannot forget to thank the wrestling clubs that fed us some of their top wrestlers for this event. Thank you, Brandon, Caveman, Manatee, CFWA, Gladiators, Jets and others. Team Greco thanks all of you for your encouragement in our efforts to get these kids to national dual meets. Respectfully, Coach Troy Bouzakis

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