How's Greco?

Greco is doing great ! It has been almost 9 months since he was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. His eye is still crossed as you can see from the picture. But other than that, there is nothing going on to indicate the tumor is growing. In the last few weeks Greco has been learning to go to the potty by himself!!! This is HUGE for me. I have been changing diapers without a break for nearly 11 years straight!!! Greco has learned to ride is bike with training wheels!! He scoots around the neighborhood just like the rest of the kids. He is really super fast!!!He has had an increase in vocabulary and is talking very clearly and can tattle tale on his siblings now. He loves to sing lots of made up songs. His songs are so darling!! Jaclyn has really done a good job teaching him to sing with expression!! They both can put on quite a show!Greco has grown increasingly comfortable with lots of new people in our wrestling family and has so many pals to play with at tournaments. He is still quite bashful with new people, but friends we have been around frequently are beginning to see the real Greco. He doesn't need his Mommy to hold him all the time. He loves to get out on the mat and wrestle with his buddies.In fact, when we go to wrestling practice at Caveman, Coach Mike Joyce let's Jaclyn and Greco participate in the practice. They really enjoy it.We have been really busy these last few weeks. We have had lots of tournaments, lots and lots of practices, my parents visited for Easter and we've been working on our next two Dual teams. Troy's parents are moving here soon and we have been helping in their search for a home. My parents have been selling tons of shirts for us so we have been ordering, packing and shipping out packages! We are also still homeschooling everyday! So how is Greco? Greco is wonderful! We are so pleased with his progress and believe he is healed! We thank God everyday at every meal and with every prayer for taking the tumor out of Greco's head!! Thank you for this miracle!! We are so BLESSED!