A letter to the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids Iowa....

To whom it may concern, Last night my husband and 2 sons flew out of your airport! They had been in Cedar Falls for the Folkstyle National Wrestling Tournament. While there they had the pleasure of meeting Dan Gable!! Our 3 year old son , Greco Roman Bouzakis was unable to attend. He has an inoperable brain tumor. My husband shared our story with Dan Gable and he graciously signed a poster for all of our kids, but especially for Greco. Greco is only expected to live 5 more months. So this poster was priceless for us. Our boys went on to place at this National Tournament. Seven year old Vince took 3rd, 10 year old Nic took 7th. The medals and the experience in Iowa was great, but the poster was really the most important thing they were bringing home. We had already planned to have it framed and placed in our wrestling room in our home here in Florida. But the unthinkable happened, the poster was left behind while waiting for their flight. Once it was realized, our hearts were broken. The boys were crying and we were all so very disappointed. We did not know if we would have another opportunity to meet Dan Gable and our son Greco may never get to meet him. We were distraught!!! I decided to just take my chances and call the airport. I spoke with a lovely gentleman named Rick. I explained the situation and he checked lost and found. It had NOT been turned in!!! Oh, what a disappointment! He identified himself as a former wrestler, so he knew and understood the importance if this poster. He promised to call me back. Within an hour, Rick called back. The poster had been found!!!'n He had put out the word and someone found the poster!!!!!! Wow!! I could not believe it!!! Rick made arrangements to get it shipped back to us. We are so very thankful for the service and attention we received in this situation. I am personally thankful that Rick answered the phone. He is a wrestler, he understands our life. I asked him to visit our website, www.livegreco.com to read about the family he had helped. Thank you all so much for all that you did for us!!! Amazing!!Toni and Troy BouzakisNic, Vince, Jaclyn, and Greco

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