It stuck in our head….

We attend Grace Family Church in Lutz, FL. We have been attending this wonderful church since we moved to this area, well over a year. We have always believed we were meant to be here in Florida, so we could find this exact church. It is a perfect fit for our family. If you have not visited, please try to come sometime. You can even watch the sermons online!!! Just go to Every single week, Pastor Craig's message is exactly what we need to hear and applies to what we are going through that very week. It is as if Pastor Craig is a fly on the wall at our house and knows the struggles, doubts and challenges we face each week. Then every Sunday morning he gives us a message that reassures our faith and encourages us on this journey we are on. This week there was a guest speaker at church. He is a famous author named John Bevere. He has written many books and travelled the whole world spreading the Good News. His message was about Honor's Reward. Sometimes when you hear a great message a verse or scripture will stick in your head. This week, it was a quote from Mr. Bevere that really resonated with our lives right now.... "Sometimes God gives us exactly what we need, wrapped in a package we don't want." We have needed a deeper faith, a stronger focus, a clearer direction , a purpose for living, a more forgiving and loving attitude.....and it was all wrapped in a brain tumor. Thank you Jesus for blessing our family. Thank you for guiding us along this uncertain path we are on. Thank you for leading us to where you want us to go. We are following you!