Team Greco Wants You!

One of the things we have been working on since Greco was diagnosed with this brain tumor, is creating wrestling teams called Team Greco. We wrestled in December at Dixie Nationals with our inaugural Team Greco. Another Team Greco competed in Wildwood, NJ at another National event. This weekend we go Clay Duals near Jacksonville with another Team Greco. In a few weeks we are going to have 2 Team Greco's competing on the same weekend!!!!! One team will go to Megatron in Orlando and represent Team Greco with a completely full team!!!' Thanks Mike and Lauren Nolan for your hard work!!! The other team will travel to Tennessee for an Elementary National Duals. Our TN team needs more wrestlers!!!! Please help!!! We have only filled half the roster and don't want to forfeit the weights until we have exhausted all efforts to fill them. The dual is for 5th graders and under. We need these weights...45, 95, 100, 108, 125, 130, 135, 148, 190 and HWT. All of our teams have been composed of some amazing kids. They wrestle for Greco. They work out hard, travel to far away places, not for vacation but to WRESTLE for Greco. These kids and their amazing parents have impacted our lives so much. We are coming together to support our little Man, Greco Roman Bouzakis!!! Our name, our story and our Faith in God is being spread where ever we go. People are taking notice of our teams. We make sure our teams get noticed for their hard work, humility and dedication to this sport. We want to bring a full team to TN. If you or someone you know can make any of these weights and travel to TN, please contact us!! Team Greco needs YOU!!!!'