Wrestling is so exhausting!

Here's a picture we took last weekend at a tournament in Lakeland. Greco fell asleep in the middle of all of the mats. He is with his buddy Chance. Chance is watching over him.I haven't blogged this week. I have been a bit down. We went to visit Greco's oncologist on Monday. News was the same. The doctor says that Greco still only has a 10% chance to make it until August! A 10 % chance to live 5 more months!!!!!! I was prepared to hear this again. Of course, I completely disagree with this prognosis. I respect our doctor and the knowledge she has, but I believe Greco will live!!! The tumor continues to shrink!! What wonderful news. We are so thankful that the tumor is shrinking. It has been 5 months since his last radiation treatment and the tumor is still getting smaller!!! The doctor says relapse could start at anytime. It won't! God has healed our boy. Praise God for his blessings to our family. Please continue to praise God with us. We are witnessing a miracle!!! Pray that we have continued strength. Wrestling this tumor is exhausting!! But we will continue to fight. This battle is not over. Greco will stay off his back, he will keep pummeling this tumor until it is pinned!!!

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