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Greco had his MRI last Thursday morning. He was so excited to see all of his nurses at the hospital. He took a special friend in with him for the scan too. Uncle Dickie and Aunt Terry sent a box of stuffed alligators to the kids last week. He named his gator Avi. This is what he names any critter we find. Not sure where he got it, but that is his name. Avi got to go back with us as Greco's port was accessed. That is never fun. Even though I apply a special numbing cream to his port prior to the procedure, he still cries and squirms while it is being done. After that Greco wasn't so happy to see his nurses. So Avi went in for the MRI and stayed right next to Greco as he slept. (The significance of this alligator is that 3 months ago Greco announced the day before Thanksgiving that a ladybug had taken the tumor out of his head and dropped it down to an alligator that ate it. He never changes this story. It is what he says happened and he is sticking to it!) We had the MRI and then went to recovery. So many people remembered us there and were glad to see us all again. Familiar faces makes this easier in a way. Especially for me. During the scans the doctor shared with us his thoughts. What he saw was that the tumor was there, and possibly even smaller. But since he had no measurements, he refrained from speculating the percentage. I think Dr. G could tell from my expression, that it wasn't the news I expected. He reassured me this was good news. The tumor had low contrast, low blood supply and wasn't growing! This is good news! But frankly, I had never once considered that it would be bigger. I had and still have complete confidence that Greco is healed. Thank you Lord!! There is absolutely no way we can know what this little piece inside Greco's brainstem is. It could be a tumor, it could be scar tissue. Without actually going in and taking out some of it, all of this is just going by the research and history of DIPG. Greco's scan went before the Tumor Board yesterday. Their report is the same.... The tumor is stable, possibly smaller. The tumor is stable. That is good news. Praise God!!!We visit the oncologist on Monday to hear the full report and for her to check Greco. What she will see is that Greco is not degrading. Greco is developing normally and his vocabulary is increasing. He is agile, he can do flips and can run really fast! He is healthy, happy and he is sticking to his story that his tumor is gone. And so are we!! We brace for what we will hear on Monday. Our last visit with the oncologist gave us no hope. But we stand firm, that God is in control of this and when he is finished no one can deny the miracle we have in Greco.Thank you all for believing with us. Thank you for praying with us and for us. This battle continues. Greco is a fighter. LIVEGRECO!!!!

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