It's An Important Week!

This is a very important week for Greco! We have had to reschedule his MRI for Thursday, March 6th. It has been 12 weeks since the last MRI. The one that was done on December 11th showed his tumor was 80% smaller. However, we are sure this one will show the tumor is completely gone!!! God has been so very good to us. We have been praying each and every day for the last 7 months for a miracle to happen. So many of you have been doing just that for Greco. Praying and praying for his divine healing!! Thank you all so much for always checking in, sending donations, buying LiveGreco shirts, participating on all of our Team Greco wrestling teams, fasting and just staying on your knees for this miracle. We are asking all of you who are reading this today to continue to stay on your knees, but instead of asking for this miracle, join us in praising God for this miracle!!! We are stepping out in faith that God has healed Greco. We believe he has answered our prayer!!! We refuse to let doubt and fear shake our faith in what God has done for us. We are thanking him each day for all of the blessings he has bestowed upon our family. We are incredibly amazed at all of the goodness that has come from such a terrible ordeal. But we are so thankful for this journey and honored that so many of you have joined us in praying for Greco and we are asking you to let go of doubt and raise your hands to our Lord and Praise His Name!!! Greco is living!! God is faithful. He answers prayers!! He performs miracles every single day!!

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