A Big Thank You!

This past weekend Team Greco competed in a dual tournament in Wildwood NJ. Troy was surprised by a visit from his brother and sister-in-law, Dickie and Terry Bouzakis. They flew up from Texas and drove the 5 hours to the tournament with Troy's mom, Roseann. It was great for the family to get to see the boys wrestling for Greco. They had a wonderful time and took lots of pictures and videos. Dickie and Terry surprised Troy with an extremely generous donation to Greco's medical bills. Dickie had been in contact with the Wrestling Coach from Central Michigan University, Coach Tom Borrelli. On behalf of the wrestling team,Coach Borelli made a donation to our Greco! We are so extremely humbled by this outpouring of support to our son. Thank you so much Coach Borelli and to the anonymous donor who made this donation. We are so appreciative of the efforts made by so many people to help us with the mounting medical bills we continue to receive. ​Thank you Central Michigan University Chippewas!!!!!!

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