How's Greco?

People are always asking me to tell them how Greco is doing. Well, let's see, today marks exactly 6 months since he was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. The symptom that prompted our initial visit to the hospital has not changed. His right eye is still turned in. It has not gotten better, and it has not gotten worse. It cannot cross the midline. However Greco can still see from both eyes. Six months ago Greco was stumbling a bit when he walked. This has improved, possibly because his brain has adjusted to the double vision he has because of his turned in eye. Greco is still drooling occasionally. Not a lot, and mostly when he is tired at night. To the average passerby, he may appear relatively "normal", if there is such a thing. Greco has endured several CAT scans, MRI's, a surgery to put in his port, 29 days of radiation, 1 visit to the ER, visits with his oncologist and visits to get his port flushed. But Greco has also had an opportunity to go on a Disney cruise, ride a horse, flip the coin at a high school football game, be on TV, be in a parade, ride in a kayak, be honored with an enormous trophy at a National wrestling event, go to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game and see his name on the big screen, attend numerous wrestling events where people stopped and prayed for him, have multiple birthday parties, attend a Clemson University football game, go to the beach, go to Busch Gardens, eat dinner with Mrs. Claus, ride on a train, and the list goes on...... So how is Greco doing, you might ask. Greco is GREAT!! Greco is AWESOME!!! Greco is LIVING!!!! We are so blessed. God has been so good to us. We are so thankful to The Lord for allowing Greco to be with us this long. Six months ago we found ourselves in a nightmare. We knew this journey would change so much about our lives, and it has. We are still in limbo about what will happen. The news we received from our oncologist on December 23rd devastated me! I am still trying to shake the words that we have a 10% chance to have Greco until August. Friends, August is 6 months away!!!!! Exactly 1 month from today we go for another MRI. On March 4th, we will find out what is happening with this tumor. Is it still there, is it smaller, is it bigger, has it spread? We will have a better idea of Greco's life expectancy, is it still 5 more months? My child is only 3 years old. He has a purpose on this earth. He has so much to share and give back to this world. We ask you all to pray with us that he be allowed to live a long, long life. We ask God to bless him with good health, we ask God to bless every person we have touched with this story. We are waiting patiently for the Good News! We believe a miracle is at hand, Praise God!! Thank you all so much for praying with us. Thank you for reading our story, and may God bless you all.

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