A Family Kayaking Trip

Our friends Jeff and Michelle invited our family once again to go kayaking. We went with them right before Greco got sick. Last time we went fishing in the sea kayaks in St. Petersburg. It was so much fun. But this time we went up to Crystal River and went kayaking with the manatee!!!! It was so fantastic. The water was so clear and warm. The manatee are so sweet and docile. They just swim around right under the kayak and come up every once in a while for a breath. Being so close to these creatures is so amazing. There are very strict rules for having the privilege to do this. We aren't allowed to touch, but you can hang your hand in the water and you might have one come up to touch your hand. Also, you cannot poke or prod them to move. You are allowed to just quietly watch as they come to these natural springs to warm themselves. While we were there, we saw maybe 30-40 in different areas. Greco loved it. He started out in the kayak with Troy and about halfway through, we switched and I took Greco and Troy took Jaclyn. The big boys had their own kayaks and lead the pack. Kayaking is such a peaceful thing to do. I really felt so close to nature and to God's beautiful world. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to witness the beauty of this earth. So many wonderful things surround us, we must take the time to slow down and appreciate these gifts.

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