Tampa Fire Department Tour

We had the privilege of getting a special invitation to the Tampa Fire Department #1. My mother was in town so she came along to tour the fire department. We were able to get on those amazing trucks and see all of the equipment used in fire rescue. Captain Jace Kohan showed us around as well as many other crew members. Greco was a little shy at first, but the rest of the kids were really into all of the huge trucks. This fire station was really large!! The pole they slide down goes down 3 floors. Vince wanted to slide down so bad!! I think he would have done it too, if he had been allowed! It was really enlightening to learn about the many jobs and responsibilities these brave men and women have. I have a whole new understanding about how much they do for the community here in Tampa. I am thankful to know they are here in case we need them. We should never take this community service for granted. Thank you so much, Captain Kohan for the opportunity to tour your facility and meet all of the wonderful people that are a part of Tampa Fire Rescue!

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