Introducing the Dixie Nationals - All Tournament Most Valuable Wrestler!!

Greco Roman Bouzakis received The All Tournament Most Valuable Wrestler Award this weekend at Dixie Nationals. It was presented by Olympians, Nate Carr and Sammie Henson as well as the founder and executive director of the American Crown series, Mr. Bill Gossett. I got a chance to spend some time with Mr. Carr on Saturday, sharing our story and having him pray for Greco's healing. Mr. Carr is an amazing man with a heart for Jesus. It was wonderful to meet him and hear his words of faith and wisdom. What an inspiring man. Sammie Henson is not only an Olympian but an old college friend of ours. Troy and I went to college with Sammie and they were teammates on the Clemson University Wrestling team. We go way back!! It was such a delight to meet his boys and have them be a part if such a wonderful experience.

Mr. Bill Gossett was the one behind this absolutely magnificent surprise for Greco. I am not sure how he knew about our story, but he took it upon himself to make sure Greco came away with one of the most honorable awards at this tournament! I know it was hard to tell the crowd about Greco, he choked up a bit. But we are just so honored that he would do such a HUGE thing for a little boy he had never met. Mr. Gossett made that day so special, one that will never be forgotten. A heartfelt thank you goes to all of those involved in making this event so special and memorable for our family and especially our 3 year old son Greco. What an incredible honor and a wonderful surprise to all of us! The tournament is over, but Greco's fight continues. Thank you all for this amazing award!

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