We Continue To Live, Pray And Fight

Today we visited our oncologist for a much anticipated appointment. Two weeks ago we had our follow up MRI and the radiologist shared with us that the tumor is 80% smaller!! What joy was in our hearts at this miraculous news. We looked forward to seeing the oncologist to hear even more good news. So, this appointment was a big one, with big news. Because Greco is still diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, his life expectancy has not changed!!! What??? How could this be?? His tumor is smaller, it is going away!! He isn't going to die!! But the survival rate for this disease is such that even if the tumor shrinks, it is expected to come back. That is what has always happened. That is what is expected to happen with Greco. We are heartbroken. We cannot believe what we are hearing!!! Oh, please God, please let the doctor be wrong!!' First, we do want to be clear that Greco has a 10% survival rate from now until August 2014. This is a very positive message considering without radiation he had four months. Without radiation his survival rate would have been a lot shorter. Statistically if he survives past August 2014 there is a 0% survival rate based on statistics and the science. Surely God has a message and a purpose for Greco. Through God, Community, friends and family perseverance is a quality that we all see through our little man Greco Roman Bouzakis. As our family goes through challenges we continue to live, pray and except the journey in which we hope touches the lives of others in a way that makes this world a better place. Greco told his daddy today that he did not want to go to the doctor. Troy asked why? Greco said he wanted to go to wrestling practice. So for the love of the sport Greco-Roman Bouzakis has the name in which we hope keeps the sport alive! Please continue to praise God for Greco's progress this far. And join us in praying for his miraculous healing as we continue this journey and continue to fight for Greco to live. LiveGreco!! Thank you all for standing on God's promise to save our son. Our little boy is 3 and has much more to give this world. Please, please pray for Greco!!!

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