Not just smaller....Significantly smaller...

A long day of waiting!!! We went first thing this morning for the follow up MRI. While there, two different nurses told me they had read our story and had been praying for Greco. I was so shocked. I asked one of them if she would be with Greco during the scan and she said she would. I asked her, if she didn't mind, would she please pray over him during the scan. She said she would be glad to pray! I was so happy. It seemed to take forever, but was only about 2 hours. They called me back once Greco woke up. He was still a little loopy, and was singing and humming. The nurse showed me the CD and said our radiologist's office was sending a courier to pick it up. I couldn't believe the scan was right there, I could touch it, but still did not know what was on the disc. I was so anxious! While I had waited, I had been reading my Bible and praying, now it was time to get back into Mommy Mode. The second we were in the car Greco was crying. I knew he must be hungry, but he refused to eat. He was acting so grumpy, just like he had always been after radiation. He cried the whole way home. Once we got home the kids took out his police car and he drove all over the yard! He loved it! I sat by the phone and emailed his doctors that the scan was completed and to please call as soon as they knew anything. Hours went by and no one called. We were preparing to go to Homestead but I could not even think about leaving until I had the results. No one called. I got an email from Greco's oncologist that results were still pending. I called the radiologist's office and the receptionist said the disk was on his desk, but he was at lunch. I could not stand the suspense any longer. I knew I had to hear the results as soon as possible. I was desperate, so I called our radiologist's cell phone while he was at lunch!!! He answered and said he would call me back when he got back to the office. Time seemed to drag. I had to pack the car for our trip and get on the road. I had a 5 hour drive ahead of me and needed to leave. I needed to hear this news, but life was still going on. I had to leave. I sat at Troy's office waiting for him to finish a meeting so he could take Jaclyn and Greco and I could leave for Homestead with Nic and Vince. Waiting, waiting, waiting!!! Finally a call from the radiologist!!! The news was GOOD!! Greco had a very good response to the radiation and his tumor was SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER!!!! Praise The Lord! The tumor is significantly smaller!!!! I can't wait to tell Troy!!! He is still in his meeting and I have the most wonderful news to share!!! Waiting, waiting, waiting!! Finally Troy comes out of the hospital to get the car seats and Greco and Jaclyn. I see him and jump out of the car and tell him the news. He is happy but asks if I had heard from the oncologist yet. I had not heard from her, so he suggested I not share anything until I had heard from her. What??? More Waiting? We traded out the kids and car seats and I set out for Homestead and he for another meeting with the little ones tagging along. I started the 5 hour journey waiting for this important call or email. Every time my phone dinged, Nic checked to see if it was an email from the oncologist. Ding, Ding, Ding, my phone went and still nothing!! It was getting late, so I had Nic email the doctor "any news???" Finally, finally an email came through!! I pulled over at the nearest exit to read the email...... It started with the words GREAT NEWS!! The tumor is smaller, Praise The Lord!!! Hearing this from our oncologist just confirmed what our radiologist had shared. Our miracle is happening. Neither doctor could give us specifics about how much smaller the tumor was, but both had shared it was much smaller!!!! Months ago our oncologist had said her hopes were that the tumor would be at least the same size after radiation. We were given 2-11 months . Here we are at 4 months after diagnosis, Greco is still here and the tumor is significantly smaller! I believe God is at work here. This is a miracle! Thank you Jesus, you are so good to us. All of this information is very preliminary. I hesitate to share it now, but I am convinced God is working a miracle with Greco. He will have a wonderful testimony to share as will our whole family ! Greco's scans will be presented at Tumor Board next Tuesday and then a plan for next steps will be decided by all of the doctors that discuss his case. Next week we will know the specifics about how much smaller this tumor actually is and what suggestions the doctors have for our next steps. Next week we will know much more, but for now we know that the tumor is smaller, significantly smaller ! Praise God!!! As soon as I hear the good news I immediately share it with Troy and the Grandmothers and continue my long drive. Back on the road, driving along through the darkness this overwhelming feeling of relief comes over me. Exactly 4 months ago I was traveling this exact same road with feelings of terror and hopelessness. Now, here I am, on this same road traveling along with a growing sense of peace. I have been to hell and back. God is good. This is not over. I have no idea what lies ahead for Greco or our family. But I do know now, more than ever, that my faith in God is the most important thing I can cling to in times of need. Thank you Jesus for saving Greco and drawing our family so close to you! Thank you for your blessings and for performing a miracle on our son. Thank you Jesus for taking this tumor from Greco's head. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for our family. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

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