The day is coming...

I cannot believe it is already December. The time has flown. We are preparing for the MRI that will tell us that the tumor is gone. It will be on Thursday this week. I picked December 5th to have the MRI for several reasons. That will be exactly 4 months since our life was changed forever. Exactly 4 months ago we found out that Greco had DIPG, a tumor on his brainstem. We have been to hell and back, but God has brought us great peace. We made the choice to do radiation for 29 days. We are praying we have made the right decisions for our child. I also picked December 5th for another reason... on December 5th we head back to Homestead for another wrestling clinic. We were in Homestead 4 months ago for a wrestling clinic and that is where this nightmare started. It was while in Homestead that we saw Greco's eye start to cross. It was there that we decided to take Greco to the hospital and it was there that we found out he had a mass in his brain. This nightmare started there and will finish there. Our wrestling family that was with us when we started this journey will also be there to celebrate the good news! I have confidence God will take this tumor. December 5th also has other significance to our family. On December 5th, 2013 it will be exactly 22 years since Troy and I had our first date!!! It is a day to celebrate new beginnings. We have been so blessed by what God has been doing in our lives. We have drawn so close to him by this test of faith. God, Thank you for your many blessings. Thank your for the trials that have brought us so close to you. Thank you for the people you have brought into our lives because of this tumor. We thank you for taking this tumor from Greco's head and throwing it into the sea!!! Thank you God! You have been so good to us!

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