The Ladybug, The Gator and The Rainbow

A number of weeks ago, a homeschool Mom shared with me the idea of having Greco visualize the tumor being taken out of his head. She suggested that he think of army men taking it out or something that he could relate to or that he might imagine. He is only 3, so doing that was a little hard. We talked with him a great deal about when the tumor would leave. We asked him almost daily, "Greco, is your tumor gone?" His answer was always " No, later." Nic tried to narrow down the date and asked him if it would be gone on his birthday. Greco always answered no to that one too. Still pressing for an answer, Nic asked if it would be gone on Thanksgiving. Greco told us that it would be gone on Thanksgiving!!! To get a more specific answer, Nic asked if it would be gone when he woke up or in the afternoon. Greco said the afternoon!!! So, for weeks now we have visualized that this tumor would leave Greco's head on Thanksgiving Day in the afternoon. We have asked Greco if the tumor would leave on Thanksgiving Day in the afternoon and he always answered yes. Today is the day before Thanksgiving!!

While driving in the car today, a ladybug landed on my windshield. I told all the kids, "Oh, look there is a ladybug on the car. Greco, look at the little ladybug!!! " At that instant, the ladybug spread her wings and flew away. I said, "Oh Greco, where did the ladybug go???" His answer was, "took tumor"!!!!! I said, "That ladybug took your tumor?? How did she take it??" Greco answered "in her mouth". I was so shocked, I asked "Where did she take it?" "Did she fly away with it?" Greco answered "she dropped it in the ocean" I asked, "who did she give it to?" He answered "a gator". Wow. I could not believe it. So I just kept asking him to tell me again. We were all so excited!!! Still driving along, we just all kept asking him to tell us about it. About 20 minutes later, guess what appeared in the sky in front of us? A RAINBOW! God is so good. We are so thankful that he is taking this tumor and fulfilling his promise that he will take care of us. Thank You God!!! What a wonderful Thanksgiving. The best we have ever had. We have so much to be thankful for!!!

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