Thanksgiving & Greco's Declaration

Today is the day we have long awaited. But yesterday was so unexpected. Is the tumor gone? We have thanked God so many times for taking this tumor out of sweet Greco's head! We are so excited for today. The day we celebrate all of the blessings in our life. We spent the morning baking pies together as a family. Troy is so creative with the dough!! Nic and I put a simple lattice work on his cherry pie, but Troy likes to create scenes from nature!! Very cool. We spent the day at home working on unpacking boxes. Yes we are still unpacking. The kids played in the yard and and had fun building a shelter and gathering beans from the woods. They were using their imaginations while Nic shared with them ideas from his survival books. They came in to play and watch football on tv, while Troy and I prepared our meal. Which was provided by our dear friends the Lee's!! Greco fell asleep. It was the afternoon and he was down for a nap. I laid my hands on his sweet little head as he slept and prayed that when that dear baby woke up, his tumor would for sure be gone. I thanked God for the miracle and prayed that he would bless our child with a long and healthy life. Thank you for your many blessings. Greco slept for 2 hours. He has been taking longer naps lately. I believe it is because his body is getting rid of this tumor. When he woke up we asked, "Greco, is your tumor gone?" He answer was "YES". Praise God! Greco declares the tumor is gone!!!!

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