Happy 3rd Birthday Greco!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Greco!!!!

What a wonderful day we had. It began at 3 A.M. when sweet Greco crawled into bed with us. We both woke up to tell our sweet darling Happy Birthday. We snuggled and loved on him until he fell back to sleep. What a memorable way to start this birthday. We spent the morning playing with all of his new toys and surprisingly Greco took a nap. That never happens anymore. He must have known he was in for lots of action later that afternoon. We all went over to Florida Hospital to his birthday party at noon. There were tables and tables filled with cookies, pies, cakes and brownies for sale at the bake sale. Balloons were everywhere as well as pictures of Greco!!! We were overwhelmed!! Florida Hospital had awesome t-shirts and livegreco.com bracelets for sell. There were yellow t-shirts everywhere. So many people came up to wish Greco Happy Birthday and to tell us they were praying for him. We got to see our special friends from radiation!! Kristie, George, Mirian and Kajal were there!! So great to see the original Team Greco!!! Many doctors and administrators visited with us. It was so much to take in for us all. The kids spent time with friends from Idlewild Baptist Church Jeff, Michelle and Jacob Lee. They even went around selling bracelets to people in the hospital. Nick Williams from the Tampa Tribune was there as well as Pastor Fritz Ruhe from Grace Family Church. Both brought super fantastic gifts for the birthday boy!!!! Greco received some wonderful gifts from so many that attended the party. We even had our very special family friends, George and Lydia Bubolo drive 4 hours to attend this celebration. What a surprise to see them. So many good friends and many people we have never met came together to celebrate Greco's special day. We are so blessed ! Thank you so much Florida Hospital for making this day one we will never forget!!!! So much went into planning and organizing and the donations to the bake sale were amazing. We are truly thankful for all of you that worked so hard to make Greco's 3rd birthday a special day. Thank you all so very much for coming to our party!!!

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