A Very Special Birthday Celebration

Today Troy's office, Florida Hospital Physician Group held a birthday celebration for Greco!! It was quite a surprise for all of our kids because they had wonderful gifts for all of them. We celebrated with cake and cookies and lots of laughs as the kids opened their presents. These wonderful friends (30+ people) came together to celebrate our family with gifts for Troy and I as well. Gift cards for portraits, massages and Outback restaurant too. We were blown away with baskets filled with chocolates and family fun night movies and treats. We are so incredibly humbled by their generosity and thoughtfulness to our whole family. It was such a wonderful time and a great memory for this very important birthday celebration. Thank you all so much for the time and energy that went into planning this party for our family. We had a wonderful time and we appreciate you all thinking of us and making this day so memorable for us.

Greco knows he is loved by you all!! Your prayers are touching our whole family. Thank you all so much. Today was very special to us.

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