The miracle is happening...

Greco had a visit with his radiologist today. Dr. Greenberg seems incredibly pleased with Greco's progress. He isn't showing any signs of worsening of the tumor. His eye is still turned in, but otherwise he appears perfectly normal. Today Dr. G and Kristie really got to see Greco. He was laughing and being silly. He even hugged Mirian and Kajal and Mr. George when he saw them. You can tell he is feeling better. The miracle is happening. It is happening right now. We will have confirmation when we go for the MRI on December 5th. That will be a day of celebration. Thank you Jesus for saving Greco!!!

This afternoon Troy's office is having a celebration for Greco's birthday!! It is going to be a surprise. Tomorrow is the BIG BIRTHDAY #3 for our little guy. Another huge celebration will be held at the hospital. We are so excited about how others are celebrating Greco's life with us. He is touching so many people and we are grateful for all of the prayers for our son. Let's LIVE!!! LIVE GRECO!!!

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