Kristie gave Greco a bag of toys. It was a little bittersweet. At least going to radiation everyday makes you feel as if you are actively fighting this tumor. But now we have to wait. The radiation still has work to do. We can’t see it working, but it is still in there. I will miss all of our nurses and techs! Those girls have taken such good care of Greco. We will miss them. I cannot believe radiation is over, 29 days seemed like a lifetime a few weeks ago, not it is over. I am so thankful we have made it through this part. I am so scared of what is ahead. Please God, let this work, let this be what Greco needs to rid him of this tumor. Please God, let Greco Live!!!

While at Radiation today, Troy took Jaclyn to St. Pete to All Children’s to get more x rays. Yep, her arm is broken, surgery is scheduled for in the morning!! I thought today was my last day at the hospital. I was wrong. Thank you Lord for your perfect timing!!

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