Radiation Day 19

Wow!! What a busy day! We had radiation this morning and Greco woke up fairly quickly. We met Troy at 11:30 at Steinbrenner High School for lunch with our very good friend Coach Paul Noble. The students were all wearing bright yellow Team Greco shirts!! We met so many people and had a lovely lunch. We were escorted around the school by two students. They let the kids play in the gym with balls. Greco was a bit nervous, but warmed up to Sam, the wrestler pretty quickly. We came home for naps and then left for the football game at 6:30. Ashley ( our babysitter and neighbor ) was there along with her whole family!! There were lots of wrestling families there too. We went out onto the field for the coin toss. All of the fans cheered for Greco. Go Greco, Go Greco!!!! The cheerleaders cheered for him and tons of kids took pictures!! It was very overwhelming. We were interviewed by Fox News and ABC news. They aired at 11 that night. Troy emailed the links to lots of people. Then, Ashley started a fundraiser for us!!!!! People can go to the site and donate to our family. This is so crazy! Now lots of people are emailing and wanting to help us. I cannot get over the response. We are so overwhelmed and thankful!

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