Radiation Day 16

Late for treatment again, but because we went back to tax office to get our tags. Still took an hour. They ran out of The Sunshine State tags and all they had left were the In God We Trust!!! That is a sign. That is our sign!!! We trust you God!! Thank you!!

Pastor Fritz from Grace Family Church called today, to pray with me. He called because someone left him a message but did not leave their name. The message was from a woman that said he and Pastor Craig had prayed for her son who was very ill. She was calling to report the doctors were giving the child a clean bill of health! Pastor Fritz said that Greco is the only boy they had both prayed for in the prayer room in a very long time. They were both hoping it was me that had left the message. It wasn’t me of course, but maybe it was an angel with a message. Maybe that message and our tags are a sign. Please , please, God. Thank you for all of your blessings. Thank you for this sudden peace I feel today. Thank you for saving Greco and removing his tumor!! You have not limits! We believe in you. Thank you Jesus for loving us and holding us during this trial. We cling to you!

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