Radiation Days 12-14

Greco has had diarrhea this week, so his nurses are giving him more fluids during recovery. He wakes up so sweet and happy, but by the time we walk to the car, he is a grump. I guess he is hungry or this is his new personality. It is hard to deal with for all of us. He calls us mean and is still biting a lot. His eye does not seem better and his limp is very noticeable now. He walks with a hop in his step. 14 days of radiation so far. I was hoping we would see some sort of change by now. For 14 days they have zapped that tumor. We were told today Greco would have a total of 29 treatments, not the 30, 33 and 35 we had been told.

Dear God, Let 29 be enough to get rid of this tumor. Please let Greco live! Please, please, let Greco LIVE!!!

Vince told me this week that he wishes he had the tumor and not Greco. No, No, No, I cannot bear the thought.

Please, God, help our family deal with this and not be emotionally damaged. God we thank you for the miracle you will perform on our sweet Greco. Please draw us closer to you during these dark and weary days. We desperately need you!

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