Radiation day 1-4

The routine is to wake Greco up as late as possible and put him into the car. He can’t eat or drink. I have to wake up the big kids, get them fed and dressed before I get Greco up, so he doesn’t realize they are eating. We get to the hospital at 8:45 and are finished by 10:30. The first day Troy and I got to watch the entire process. It was very detailed in his exact positioning. I felt comfortable seeing it, now I will know what is going on. Greco wakes up in the recovery room. Recovery takes longer than the radiation. He is always happy when he wakes up, thank goodness. It is hard to wait, it always makes me tired. When we get home from the hospital each day around 11, I am wiped out. But in reality our day has only started. Time for lunch and school and house work or shopping or getting ready for wrestling practice that night. Greco is good the rest of the day. He is even using the potty now. He is a big boy and I am proud of him to be so brave to go through all of this. I am proud of all of my children as they patiently wait each day and look forward to waking Greco up in the recovery room. This is our new life.

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