Scared at sea...

We surprise all of the kids with a Disney Cruise! This trip was booked a year ago with our best friends the Spadavecchia’s. It originally was just going to be the big kids. But since Greco got sick, we booked another room so that he could be included as time is short. The children all enjoyed this wonderful surprise, but it was very hard for Troy and I to relax. Sailing on a wonderful cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, somehow made me and my problems feel very insignificant. I was sad on the cruise. I was scared of losing the memories. I was missing my baby already and he was still right there with us. We are praying for a miracle. Surely a miracle will happen. We are losing our minds with worry. Please God save our baby!

#diffuseintrinsicpontineglioma #grecoromanbouzakis #pediatriccancer #livegreco #takedowncancer

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