The Day Our Lives Changed Forever

Greco was admitted to All Children’s Hospital. We met with numerous doctors and nurses and answered the same questions over and over again. People in and out of the room all day, but still no MRI. I had let him eat that morning and so we had to wait. Then we had to wait some more. And after waiting all day was finally given an MRI. The Neurosurgeon diagnosed him with DIFFUSE INTRINSIC PONTINE GLIOMA, an inoperable, always fatal brain tumor found in children. We were given 11 months at most.

There were many other things said in this meeting with the neurosurgeon. The only thing he could advise us to do was to LIVE. There were options out there for treatment, but none had proven successful. He encouraged us to take advantage of the time we had and make wonderful memories, LIVE as much as we could for Greco.

NUMB! We went back to the room where all of the children were happily playing with a nurse. We sat numb. No words were spoken. Troy began crying. He cried and cried, I sat numb. Just staring in disbelief at this little precious boy that had just been given a death sentence. Still no words were spoken, kids still playing, Troy crying and I am just sitting dumbfounded, not believing, just silent. Troy got it together and said he would take the kids home and call the grandmothers. He would be back tomorrow morning. He left me alone with little Greco at the hospital. Just like two and half years before on the night I gave birth to him.

I was alone with this perfect, innocent child. Just Greco and Mama. No crying just loving. We sat up until 1 am in the morning watching the movie BRAVE. When he finally fell asleep, I cried. I cried and prayed and weeped and moaned. I mourned for my darling boy who was lying in my arms sleeping sweetly.

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